Sustainability at Roche

Our approach

For over 120 years Roche has been committed to improving lives. The long-term thinking of our founders has allowed us to stay true to this vision. Our greatest contribution to society is lasting innovation. When acting sustainably, we also aim to provide a rewarding workplace, be a trustworthy partner and engage in the communities we work in and with.

Roche has been recognised as the most sustainable healthcare company in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Severin Schwan on sustainability

Severin Schwan, CEO of the Roche Group, on sustainability. "Developing medicines and tests is our main contribution to society."

Diverse backgrounds of our employees

Four employees explain their challenges, how they interact with people and what makes a difference working at Roche in Grenzach, Germany

Our impact on society

Innovating for patients

Providing a great workplace

Being a trustworthy partner

Environment and communities

Delivering continuous growth

Innovating for patients

137 million patients

treated with Roche medicines

19 billion tests

conducted with Roche Diagnostics products

30 Roche medicines

on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

Providing a great workplace

72% employee engagement rate


28% of women

in key leadership positions

24% of key leaders

with diverse work experience

Being a trustworthy partner

41 new partnerships

in Diagnostics in 2017

118 new partnerships

in Pharmaceuticals in 2017


of approximately 1,000 business-critical suppliers risk-assessed

Environment and communities

11% decrease

in water consumption since 2015

9% decrease

in energy consumption since 2015

20% improvement

in the eco-balance since 2014

Delivering continuous growth

+5% in Group sales


+3% in core operating profit


10 years in a row

Group leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Our reporting

Roche is committed to transparent reporting and we endeavour to drive our economic, social and environmental performance with the same diligence as our financial performance.

External recognition

Our sustainability efforts have been recognised by key ratings such as Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) or the Access to Medicine Index (AtMI). We also continue to receive accolades for being a top employer and creating an excellent environment for our people.

For the tenth consecutive year, Roche has been recognised as the most sustainable company in the Pharmaceuticals index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

Roche has been identified as a global leader for its actions to manage water more sustainably. CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform, has awarded Roche a position on the 2017’s Water A-List.

Roche ranked 10th in the AtMI in 2018. The Index analyses large research-based healthcare companies on how they make their products more accessible in low- and middle-income countries.