Improving access to healthcare

Our approach to increasing access to healthcare ensures our life-changing solutions reach people around the world.

Life-changing innovation is only meaningful if it reaches those who need it. We put access at the core of our business, and consider it a key part of our commitment to improving patient outcomes. Our combined strengths in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals position us to play a decisive role along the patient’s journey. These strengths allow us to identify and address the root causes at both global, country and community levels that prevent access to innovative healthcare, no matter where people live.

Working in collaboration with global and local stakeholders, we focus on supporting governments’ efforts to build strong and resilient healthcare systems, particularly for people in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where 80% of the world’s population live. Every country has a different situation, and their healthcare systems present unique challenges. So we work closely with partners to develop and deliver tailored access solutions that reflect each country’s individual healthcare needs.

We recognise that in many countries, funding is a key barrier to access. Our pricing strategy reflects the World Health Organization’s definition of “Fair Pricing”, balancing the need for both affordability and incentives for innovation and serving the needs of patients today and tomorrow. We believe that international differential pricing can be an effective solution to address affordability constraints of a specific country. This approach has been proven to greatly improve patient access, particularly in developing countries where resources are limited.

Now more than ever, it is important and urgent for both the private and public sectors to share responsibility and work together to build resilient and sustainable healthcare systems. We believe that comprehensive universal health coverage helps support stable economies and strong societies, and is fundamental to addressing inequality in access to healthcare, particularly in LMICs. We are accelerating our ongoing efforts in this area with our goal to double the number of patients being treated with our innovative therapies in low and lower middle income countries by the end of 2026, as well as our ambition to double patient access to novel, high-medical-value diagnostics to people around the world.

By working in partnership with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum – from governments and payers to non-governmental organisations, multilaterals, and insurance companies — we will continue to develop tailored solutions that help overcome the barriers and ensure rapid, broad and sustainable access, no matter where people live.

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