Roche partnerships and collaborations to drive access

Joining forces for healthcare system innovation and sustainable access to care.

Recent medical innovations have brought incredible improvements to patients and their families. Yet, medical innovation can only positively impact lives if they reach the people who need them. Around the world, there are a number of barriers which stand between patients, optimal care and medical innovation. Funding, disease awareness, healthcare capacity and infrastructure all play a role. The challenges are simply too complex for any single party to solve alone, and require the combined will, skills and capabilities of multiple partners to address. This is why we, at Roche, take a holistic and collaborative approach to sustainably tackling these barriers to accessing care.

Roche aims to partner on opportunities to develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions that address healthcare gaps and enhance the resilience of health systems around the world. Our priorities are aligned with ourfor Pharma, with a specific focus on breast cancer, eye care, neurodegenerative and chronic respiratory diseases, and include:

Ensuring access to comprehensive and equitable healthcare for individuals and communities by optimising the patient journey. Potential scenarios include providing care in more convenient and flexible settings (through digital solutions or alternative care models), and meeting the capacity needs of the healthcare system through infrastructure and healthcare workforce enhancements.

Finding new ways to fund and finance access to medical innovation through increasing financial awareness for healthcare, and access to financial protection, working towards innovative financing mechanisms, and beyond.

We know that partnerships are most successful when they are built on a strong foundation of trust, common values and a shared vision of improving outcomes for patients. We value open collaboration and seek partnerships for access to care that align with our core values and strategic priorities. We are looking to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including healthcare organisations, public and private institutions, non-governmental organisations, financial and other private partners (industry and beyond). By leveraging the breadth and depth of our collective expertise, resources and networks, we believe we can make a greater impact on global healthcare challenges in service of patients and society.

Interested in partnering with us?

If you have a solution for improving access to care that has the potential for significant impact and is aligned with our priority areas, and would be interested in partnering with Roche, please get in touch through the form below.

Please note: We are looking for partners who have already established capabilities and a broad geographic footprint. Partnerships for access do not pertain to ouractivities,activities,product-related queries, financial support (both individual and institutional), information on which can be found elsewhere on this site.

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