Partnerships for access with Roche

We are committed to improving access for underserved patient populations by working with partners in the healthcare system to deliver innovative and sustainable approaches to healthcare delivery and funding / financing

As a company focused on delivering healthcare innovation, we believe that Roche has a role to play in supporting effective population health management and the resilience of healthcare systems. While Roche has expertise in areas such as diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare solutions, we understand that addressing population health challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach. Partnerships allow us to bring together our expertise and capabilities with that of other organisations, including healthcare providers, research institutions, government agencies, patient advocacy groups as well as private companies. By working in collaboration, we can combine our respective strengths and resources to develop innovative solutions, improve healthcare outcomes, and positively impact population health.

Ultimately through these partnerships and collaboration, we aim to expand access to quality healthcare and address healthcare disparities globally.

At Roche, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on patients, society, and healthcare systems worldwide. We believe we can best achieve this through collective efforts and collaboration with partners who share our vision. Through our partnerships, we aim to:

  • Improve patient outcomes: By ensuring timely access to innovative therapies, diagnostics, and healthcare services, we aim to create a future where every patient, regardless of their circumstances or geographic location, can benefit from the latest advances in medical innovation.

  • Advance healthcare systems: By supporting capacity building, optimisation of resource allocation, and fostering sustainable access solutions, our goal is to contribute to the development of resilient health systems that can effectively meet the needs of diverse populations.

  • Collaborate for impact: By fostering collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders, we seek to leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks. Together, we can drive transformative change and make a lasting impact on global healthcare challenges.

The impact we strive to achieve is a shared vision that can only be realised through the collective efforts and collaboration of all our partners and stakeholders.

In the field of healthcare system capacity and optimization, there are several areas of interest for partnering, which primarily focus on improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of healthcare systems. Here are some key areas of interest (specific focus areas may vary depending on the priorities and needs of different regions and healthcare systems):

  • New channel approach and decentralised access to care: e.g. new channel approaches for essential and more specialised care, especially in underserved regions through supply chain optimisation, increasing the convenience of care provision for patients and decentralised care models, addressing barriers in treatment availability, as well as initiatives to improve healthcare delivery in remote areas..

  • Healthcare system strengthening: e.g. supporting capacity building initiatives, healthcare workforce training, and knowledge exchange programs. This could involve collaborations with local healthcare providers, governments, and non-governmental organisations.

  • Digital health solutions: e.g. digital tools and technologies that enhance healthcare delivery, patient engagement, data management, and remote monitoring for underserved populations and regions. This may include applications for telemedicine, electronic health records, data analytics, and AI-driven solutions.

Affordability of healthcare is essential to make healthcare accessible to patients all over the world. However, there are certain challenges that hinder the broader and faster access to healthcare innovation, incl. the need for sufficient funding and investment in healthcare as a national priority, especially in areas of unmet need, and the need for equal distribution of health funding and equitable financial protection across different populations.

Our areas of interest primarily focus on addressing the financial challenges and barriers that impact access to healthcare and the affordability of medical innovation. To achieve this, we work with private insurers / reinsurers, financial institutions, fintech, global investors and more. Here are some key areas of interest where we are currently looking for partners (specific focus areas may vary depending on the priorities and needs of different regions and healthcare systems):

  • Innovative finance service & insurance models: e.g. supporting the implementation of innovative financing & insurance models that improve the affordability of and accessibility to healthcare, expanding the accessibility to these insurance models (pre-existing conditions such as chronic or rare diseases).

  • Health insurance strategies: e.g. working with insurers, payers, and healthcare systems to develop sustainable health insurance strategies to ensure sustainable and equitable access to innovative treatments.

  • Solutions to alleviate out-of-pocket burden: e.g.  patient assistance programmes that provide financial support to patients who cannot afford their medications, in the form of different initiatives to reduce out-of-pocket burden for patients and improve patient affordability of care. 

  • Public-Private Partnerships for funding & financing: e.g.  collaborations to create public-private partnerships focused on healthcare funding and financing, which may involve joint initiatives to mobilise resources, leverage expertise, and develop sustainable financing mechanisms that address healthcare system gaps and challenges.

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