ESG Index
Our approach is holistic and integrates the three dimensions of sustainability: society, environment and economy.
We track our performance against key financial and non-financial indicators, these are grouped under our main areas of engagement: social, environmental and economic impact.
Our annual report contains extensive information on our approach to non-financial reporting and materiality.
Sustainability-related positions, policies & downloads
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): As a global healthcare company, we are committed to supporting the SDGs in line with our business strategy; in particular SDG3, which aims at ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all.
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC): Roche has been a signatory of the UNGC since 2021 and published a Communication on Progress Report for 2021
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): We have been GRI Community Members since 2007 and currently report according to the 2020 Standards. We will report according to the 2021 Standards starting Full Year 2022.
Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI): We decided to commit to the SBTi in 2022. The setting of science based targets will include re-establishing baselines for all fifteen categories of Scope 3 GHG emissions.
Taskforce on Climate Related Disclosure (TCFD): Roche has published a climate change risk analysis based on the TCFD framework
Dow Jones Sustainability Index: In 2022, Roche has been ranked as one of the top three most sustainable healthcare companies for the thirteenth year running.
Access to Medicine Index: In 2022, Roche has been ranked 10th out of 20 of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies assessed
World Business Council for Sustainable Development: Roche has been a member since 1995 and is particularly active in the following projects: i) Circular Plastics & Packaging & ii) Partnership for Carbon Transparency Projects
Biopharma Sustainability Roundtable: We are a founding member (2013)
The Capitals Coalition: Roche has been a member since 2016
Sustainable Markets Initiative: We are a founding member (2021) and activley participate in the Health Systems Industry Taskforce
Value Balancing Alliance: Roche joined the Alliance in July 2021
Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative: Roche is a founding member (2006) & Scope 3 Group Lead
Roche is a sponsor of the Energize programme, which aims to increase access to renewable energy electricity for suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry


Respect for a healthy planet and the environment has always been a priority of our founding families and the company.
2029 target: We are committed to halving the environmental impact of our operations (eco-balance points) and products (product stewardship score) from a 2019 baseline
2025 target: Reduce the overall environmental impact of our operations by 36% (base year: 2020)
2050 target: Reduce our Scope 1&2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to real zero
2029 target: Reduce Scope 1&2 GHG emissions by 75% (base year: 2019)
2025 target: Reduce our Scope 1&2 GHG emissions by 40% (base year: 2020)
2025 target: Reduction in Scope 3 GHG emissions by 18% (base year: 2019)
2025 target: Reduce scope 1 & 2 energy consumption by 10% (base year: 2020)
Particulate emissions, VOC, SO2, NOx
2025 target: Increase sustainable electricity to 100%
2025 target: Reduce scope 1 & 2 energy consumption by 10%
Target: Minimise the environmental impact of products by 50% from 2020-2029
Our commitment to sustainability stretches beyond our own business practices – it also includes ensuring our suppliers’ approach to sustainability aligns with Roche’s.
Annual target: Supplier Code of Conduct (or equivalent) included in >90% of all new supplier agreements
2025 target: Reduction in Scope 3 GHG emissions by 18% (base year: 2019)
Science-based targets initiative (SBTI): We decided to commit to the SBTi in 2022. The setting of science based targets will include re-establishing baselines for all fifteen categories of Scope 3 GHG emissions.
2025 Target: Reduce water consumption by 15% (base year: 2020)
2025 target: Reduce nutrient discharges to receiving waters by 5% (Nitrogen) and 90% (Phosphorus) (base year: 2020)
2025 target: Reduce General waste (excluding construction waste) by 10% (base year: 2020)
2025 target: Reach ≥80% recycling rate for general waste (excluding construction waste) (base year: 2020)
2025 target: Reduce plastic waste (separated fraction in general waste) by 10% (base year: 2020)
We support sustainable biological resource development by adhering to the broad principles espoused in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and further developed in the Nagoya Protocol.


We contribute to a better society by enabling the right treatment for the right patient at the right time for the right value. We do this by developing new medicines and ways of diagnosing disease and insights from data.
Divisional access ambitions:
Double medical advances at less costs to society by 2030
Double patient numbers in LMICs for our innovative medicines by 2026
Double patient access to novel, high medical value diagnostics solutions by 2030
Our pricing approach reflects the World Health Organization’s definition of “Fair Pricing”, balancing affordability and incentives for innovation; serving the needs of patients today and tomorrow
Roche works with suppliers and service providers to create, enhance and maintain sustainable value
Annual target: Supplier Code of Conduct (or equivalent) included in >90% of all new supplier agreements
Our people make our business and are at the heart of who we are. We prioritise employee safety, health and development, while encouraging a workplace environment that embraces inclusion, integrity, mutual respect and equal opportunities for all.
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a high priority at Roche. We are one of the first major corporations in Europe to state our D&I goals publicly, and we have made substantial progress in achieving them.
Global D&I targets : +2% per year women in key leadership positions and +1% per year underrepresented nationalities in executive positions
We respect and support the human rights of every person we reach and ensure they are rigorously embedded into every aspect of our business
Patients are at the core of what we do. This is why we partner with them at each stage of drug development and care delivery.
To ensure that every Roche product is both effective and safe, we have established a systematic process designed to optimise patient safety throughout the lifecycle of a medicine.
Our pledge to create positive and sustainable social value goes beyond healthcare. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact on society by building stronger and healthier communities.


Roche is committed to serving all its stakeholders. Our Corporate Governance principles put the focus of our business activities on sustainable value creation and innovation and prescribe a management culture conforming to recognised standards of good corporate governance and a policy of transparent communication.
A performance- and success-based, transparent and market competitive remuneration is an important factor for a globally operating company like Roche. The bonus structure for employees and managers includes targets relating to Diversity & Inclusion as well as environmental sustainability.
As sustainability is embedded into our business strategy, a strong commitment from all business areas, and from senior management, is reflected in the sustainability governance structure.
Our approach to materiality assessment is integrated - built on our Group Risk Management Process - and inclusive, as it is designed collaboratively across multiple functions.
By continuously engaging with policy makers, we ensure Roche creates long-term impact not only for patients, but society as a whole.
Income taxes and Income taxes as % of sales for the past three years
Further information on income taxes and effective tax rates can be found in the Finance Reports
Roche follows existing principles, regulations and guidelines to ensure the highest ethical standards in our research
Roche conducts stem cell research, inhouse as well as in cooperation with external partners, to become technically enabled in this research area, and with the ultimate aim to develop treatment strategies for incurable or inadequately treated severe diseases.
Roche is pioneering and promoting innovative approaches in preclinical research to replace animal testing.
The Roche Group Code of Conduct states the expectations Roche has as an employer towards employees and sets forth the standards for business behaviour that apply throughout the Roche Group.
Bribery, Improper advantages and corruption policy
Drug Promotion Standards and Ethical Marketing
Our Risk Management processes assess the possibility that an event will occur and adversely affect the achievement of objectives - these risks are identified, managed and if need be reported.
The maintenance of high ethical standards in adhering to national and international laws is one of the fundamental Roche Corporate Principles.
Overview of significant legal cases
We are turning today’s understanding of disease biology, diagnosis, detection and treatment into tomorrow's solutions. Discover our promising pipeline.
Clinical trials are essential to determine whether new drugs or diagnostics are safe and effective when used to diagnose or treat people.
We strongly believe that robust intellectual property systems stimulate innovation and economic growth for the benefit of society as a whole.
At Roche, personalised healthcare (PHC) is a key area of focus, combining pioneering science, data, analytics and technology to advance new discoveries and improve patients’ lives.
Roche shares clinical data because we understand it helps physicians, patients and healthcare providers to make informed treatment decisions. Data sharing can also enable researchers to more easily build on existing research in the hope of advancing scientific progress.
Roche is committed to maintaining a robust and effective cyber security program. We protect business critical and personal information and are continually reviewing and enhancing cyber security.

Our Sustainability Strategy

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