Improvement of multigrade schools in the Philippines

In August 2020 Re&Act concluded a project started in January 2017 with UNICEF which improved the quality of and the access to education for children with multigrade schools in remote areas in Northern Samar in the Eastern Visayas region.

In the Philippines, early learning opportunities and quality education remain out of reach for many children, especially those in disadvantaged situations or living in remote areas. In multigrade schools, teachers struggle to provide a diverse group of learners with quality education.

The programme pursued specific strategies to improve the delivery and quality of multigrade education with engagement of parents and communities with multigrade schools, capacity building in multigrade teaching and continuous mentoring and supervision. In the end, 100 multigrade schools in Northern Samar with approximately 2,500 pupils benefited from these interventions and 300 multigrade teachers and supervisors were trained.

Key project accomplishments

  • Teacher training: 311 teachers have been trained in managing a class of diverse learners with different backgrounds and requirements – demanding different curriculum contents, instructional strategies and assessment tools according to their grade level, abilities and interests. 52 school leaders are now able to mentor the teachers under their supervision

  • Lesson plans: Teachers were provided with the contextualized materials consisting of 17 daily lesson plans and 7 integrated lesson plans on diverse topics from Language and Maths to Climate change and Health.

  • School materials: 50 schools have received a School-in-a-Bag toolkit which includes an LCD projector and screen, a teacher laptop, a teacher tablet, a dvd player, a speaker, a SMART LTE pocket WIFI, 5 student tablets and more. As of May 2020, 2,636 students are benefiting from the School-in-a-Bag materials.

Upon request, the project was extended eight months further from its planned three years. During the extension period, monitoring and validation activities happened leading to follow-up training for teachers and an online multigrade regional summit.

UNICEF is a non-governmental organisation that advocates for the protection of children's rights, helps children across the world meet basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. Re&Act and UNICEF have partnered to support innovative and sustainable projects for children since 2006.

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