Providing holistic care with Selam's Children's Village in Ethiopia

Since 2017 Re&Act is partnering with Selam Children's Village, a vital organization that has funded five orphan homes in Addis Ababa City, including Yeka Sub City, Kotebe, Woreda, and Bole Sub City.

Our first phase of partnership spanned from 2017 to 2022 and provided holistic care to children through the dedicated efforts of social workers, educators, nurses, and psychologists.

As we enter a new phase of partnership from 2023-2025, we are excited to continue our commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable children in Ethiopia. With the support and generosity of Roche employees, we will build on the successes of our first phase and provide even more comprehensive care to those who need it most.

Additionally, Re&Act funded young people to receive technical and vocational training. They were prepared for the National Occupational Assessment, as well as job search and placement services, so that they can better succeed in their professional and personal ambitions.

Project updates

  • Ethiopia has been severely affected by COVID-19, internal conflict, and global economic factors. Selam has continued to provide high-quality childcare and education throughout the challenging times.

  • The village continued to provide essential services like food, shelter, medical care, and education, supported by a dedicated team of professionals.

  • Selam has been able to provide support for 60 children in its Family Model Village Child Care program.

  • The organization also provides support for 50 youth, including 15 enrolled in Selam College and 4 in remedial programs.

  • During summer 2023, children enjoyed diverse extracurricular activities, including skills training, outdoor games, arts and crafts, reading, and technology exploration.

In response to the civil unrest that erupted in November 2020, Re&Act provided emergency relief in 2021 which provided support to over 400 families in Elshadai Children’s Village in Wukro through Selam Children’s Village. As the political situation remained difficult, we continued to support Selam’s Village, so it could maintain its operations.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa with a population of over 110 Million people, of which 45% are younger than 15 years old. About one third of the population is situated below the international poverty line.

Selam Children’s Village is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation which provides care and support to orphan children in Ethiopia, so that they holistically develop and become self-reliant. Selam Children’s Village provides quality education in its educational institutions, Technical and Vocational College which benefits the orphans and youths and the surrounding community.

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