This Re&Act-UNICEF collaboration builds on an ECD pilot programme started in 2016, where UNICEF implemented a parental education package in 700 communities in five Nepalese districts.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) services are weak in Nepal and children are still facing challenges to reach their full potential. Although ECD services are accessible to 83% of children, only 36% of ECD centers have adequate classroom space. In addition, parents and caregivers who are aware of the importance of providing young children nurturing care and protection to reach their developmental potential cannot always provide it, due to financial limitations, illiteracy and limited access to health services.

To guarantee the sustainability of the project, UNICEF also ensures that the communities have the capacity to improve the quality of ECD themselves as well as work with their local authorities to support access to quality ECD.

Re&Act has been supporting UNICEF in their Local Integrated ECD Plan since 2018. During the first phase of the program, Re&Act helped to conduct face-to-face parental education in 699 communities and broadcasted parental education via radio programmes. Additionally, social media channels were utilized to raise awareness about the radio programme and listener groups were formed to increase its impact. The first phase of the programme ended in 2020.

Now, Re&Act continues their support for UNICEF in the second phase of the programme from 2022 to 2025. During this second phase the gains and methods achieved during the first phase of the program will be used to further develop, deepen and expand the ECD plans and continue making a positive impact on early childhood development in seven municipalities.

  • Partnering: UNICEF will work with local NGO to ensure technical assistance for selected municipalities.

  • Training:

    • Seven ECD coordinators have been recruited and received an induction programme.

    • 149 municipality level stakeholders were oriented on ECD.

    • 30 people participated in Training of Trainers.

  • Media: Content related to ECD and positive parenting has reached over 7.5 million individuals online and gathered over 11.2 million engagements.

UNICEF is a non-governmental organisation that advocates for the protection of children's rights, helps children across the world meet basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. Re&Act and UNICEF have partnered to support innovative and sustainable projects for children since 2006.

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Photos are courtesy of UNICEF: © UNICEF/Sokol

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