Our scientists take a rigorous, comprehensive approach to understanding cancer biology and drug discovery.


We have made great strides in our understanding of cancer, but more needs to be done.

Historically, cancer was treated as a single disease, but we now know that there are more than 200 different types, each with different behaviours, rates of growth and stages of progression. Several cancer types and subtypes remain stubbornly difficult to treat and major inequalities still exist in terms of outcomes. This, tied with our growing and ageing population, and new and emerging factors (diet, environment, exposure, etc.), constitute an ever-increasing burden on society.

Our ultimate vision is to prevent and provide cures for cancer in all its forms. As no single intervention is likely to achieve this, we seek to comprehensively understand the disease, its complexities and its impact on patients. By giving our researchers the freedom to explore the cutting edge of science and technology, we deepen our understanding of the biology and immunology of cancer to make this vision a reality sooner.


For more than 50 years, we have developed innovative medicines and diagnostics that help prevent, detect, diagnose, treat and monitor cancer. We strive to transform the lives of people with cancer, as well as those who support them. Our focus thus lies in pushing for progress in cancer prevention, increasing disease awareness, developing innovative screening and diagnostic technologies, and advancing our understanding of the disease and its causes. With our leading Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics businesses under one roof, and a strong R&D pipeline, we are better positioned to deliver personalized healthcare than any other company.

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