With nearly 30 years in respiratory research, we are focused on improving outcomes for patients with severe respiratory diseases.


With tens of millions of people affected by lung diseases, we are striving to make a real and positive difference to those living with these unrelenting illnesses. Only by working together with the vast community of experts and patient advocates can we make a positive difference to those living with respiratory and lung diseases.

Better treatment and understanding requires a clear focus a unified collaborative scientific approach, sharing knowledge, determination and daring, can we bring better care to more people sooner.


At Roche, we are focused on bringing innovations to patients with lung diseases by building on our broad experience, alongside both new and enduring partnerships, to identify where innovation could bring the most benefit.

We never let up in our pursuit of new discoveries in treatment and care – and we’ve demonstrated we are not afraid to take risks or fail in the trying. We explore and develop better routes to improving the lives of the people we serve.

How does IPF affect patients?

Ordinary activities can be a daily challenge for people living with IPF. Learn how IPF affects people.

One breath’s journey in IPF

Why does IPF make it so hard to breathe? Follow one breath's journey into the lungs.


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