Women's Health
Roche is committed to women’s health at every stage of her life.


Women, who are still the main caregivers in the majority of families, have a leading role in healthcare decisions for both themselves and their families. Oftentimes, they are their families' chief medical officers, making 90% of the health care decisions, and also their communities' care-givers with over 70% of healthcare workers being women. Unfortunately, they are also the ones that experience a high gap in healthcare access. Therefore, they need to be equipped with the adequate knowledge and tools to satisfy their multiple roles as decision makers and, at times, patients. But health systems around the world—no matter how advanced—are failing women.

Every woman should feel empowered to have an active and informed role in her own health care decisions, from prevention through to treatment.

Better care decisions

Healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. We can aspire to provide every woman with personalised healthcare — tailored not just to their clinical characteristics, but also to their personal preferences, priorities, as well as societal considerations.

Women's role in healthcare


In order to truly deliver lasting healthcare outcomes to women all over the world, we are working to help lead a worldwide transformation in women's health well beyond the innovative diagnostics and medicines we offer

With our expertise in pharma and diagnostics from both clinical trials and real-world data, we can share our understanding of Women’s Health issues, capturing nuances by geography, age, ethnicity, socioeconomics and more, to better tailor the care we provide to women worldwide.

We believe that evolving the health care system to better serve every woman begins with listening to her. Roche can help bring together, amplify and encourage the voices of women, physicians and their entire care team to raise awareness and open discussions on topics around women’s health. We will help build bridges between all stakeholders to shape the future of women’s health and bring long-term and sustainable solutions, as well as a patient-centred approach, to the treatment of women.

Support and collaboration

We cannot transform women’s Health alone. We partner with global and regional coalitions to harmonise care and access to care and help build these partnerships where they are missing.

Women have a unique role as the world’s caregivers and so advancing Women’s Health must be a shared goal for us all. With her today. With her for life.

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