Our scientists are amongst the best in the industry, discovering and translating cutting-edge science in the pursuit of delivering life-changing benefits to patients.

We continue to be driven by our long-term aim to deliver these medical advances that provide greater benefits to patients, and at the same time, reduce the healthcare burden on society.

pRED's research spans across 7 disease areas:


pRED scientists pursue excellence. Patients are waiting, so by pushing boundaries pRED scientists make breakthroughs every day. Find out some examples of areas where pRED is leading the field.

Roche is an innovation company pioneering the future of healthcare, science and R&D.

scientists are active members of the scientific community and publish in numerous peer-reviewed journals in the areas of Clinical Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Therapeutic Modalities and Translational Bioengineering; and


At pRED, it’s not the easy questions that excite us, it’s the biggest challenges in healthcare. That’s why we’ve set ourselves big goals to discover treatments that provide greater benefits for patients at a lower cost to society. This means having the expertise, resources and latest technologies at our fingertips, within an organisation that nurtures innovation built on curiosity and responsibility.

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