Infectious diseases

The infectious disease landscape is ever-changing with outbreaks, mutations, emerging pathogens, and growing resistances placing pressures on healthcare systems. Roche is determined to provide relief and care.


Infectious diseases caused by viral and bacterial pathogens represent an ever-growing medical need for millions of patients worldwide. Combining a rich legacy in infectious diseases with the latest science and technology platforms, Roche focuses on the discovery and development of novel treatments to address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.


Infectious diseases are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. While much healthcare effort is devoted to preventing the spread of disease and associated treatments, less attention is paid to the impact these infections have on the broader healthcare landscape.

Currently, Roche infectious diseases research and development is dedicated to finding effective treatment for a number of life-threatening infections that include viral hepatitis, influenza, multi-drug resistant bacteria, as well as COVID-19 and HIV/AIDs. These diseases, for which there is often a high unmet medical need, affect millions of people worldwide in wide degrees of severity. For this reason, and to ensure each patient receives the most appropriate and effective care, Roche has adopted different strategies to tackle the spread of these infectious diseases – from focusing efforts against multi-drug resistant bacteria into developing treatments for the the top three Gram-negative bacteria identified by the World Health Organization as number one Priority Pathogens, to continuing to innovate treatment solutions to prevent as well as treat influenza, or combining therapies that pair direct-acting antivirals with immune-enhancing molecules to treat viral hepatitis.

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