Early childhood development centres with ActionAid in Malawi

The purpose of this project was to improve the lives and well-being of approximately 4,300 children.

In the centres, the children receive care and education, as well as regular health monitoring and feeding programmes. The Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres also enhance the capacity and motivation of 240 caregivers on site. Project was completed in April 2019, at which time the centres were self-sustaining.

The centres comprise of 4 model ECDs as well as 20 satellite centres. Construction on the four model preschools and improvements to the satellite preschools started in May 2016. The funds for this enterprise come from the Roche Children's Walk, the signature global employee event.

Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in this world, where over 60% children have no access to early education, with 80% of those who do have access receive it under trees and in dilapidated structures. Improving the quality of early childhood development and ensuring that children have access to community-based childhood centres has proven to be a key factor in increasing both enrollment and retention of pupils in primary schools.

Project updates

  • 4 model centres have been built, giving more than 2,000 children access to quality ECD service; the number of children accessing the services is steadily increasing

  • The infrastructure of 20 satellites centres have been improved

  • In 3 centres, water sanitation have been installed

  • To ensure the quality of the programme, 240 caregivers received training to enhance their capacity and skills

  • Overall, 4,000 children profited from the programme.

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