Supporting access to education with Child's Dream in Cambodia

Re&Act and Child’s Dream established an agreement in 2020 to provide quality schooling at primary, secondary and high school level and to ensure a safe and secure learning environment in remote communities in Northern and north-western Cambodia.

By 2025, through our support, Child's Dream aims to build 35 weather-resistant high-quality schools (benefitting 6,000 students), establish 10 state-of-the-art computer labs (benefitting 4,000 students), and provide 350 students with scholarships.

Project Updates 2021

  • School Construction: 27 classrooms have been built and now benefit 1,986 students.

  • Computer Labs: 3 labs constructed and fully equipped in rural areas benefiting 1,713 students.

  • Scholarships: 95 students in nine high schools across Cambodia are receiving scholarships covering education-related, living, and transportation costs for the three years of high school education.

Child's Dream Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organisation founded by Daniel Siegfried and Marc Jenni in 2003. The foundation is dedicated to empowering marginalised children, youth and communities in the Mekong Sub-Region of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.

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