At Roche's third-largest diagnostics site in Germany, nearly 500 employees have developed and produced innovative systems for laboratories since 1991. These play a key role in increasing the quality of diagnostic services and making laboratory results quickly and safely accessible to physicians and patients, as well as improving the protection of laboratory personnel.

The Roche site located in historic Boston opened in October 2018 and is home to 27 dedicated employees; 24 bench scientists and 3 support staff focused on research and early development of the cobasĀ® LiatĀ® platform and multiple assays.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Roche Santa Clara is home to our Digital Pathology group, innovating fully integrated and scalable software and instrument solutions for pathology labs

Roche Diagnostics supplies high-tech systems, reagents and services for clinical analysis laboratories, research centers, doctors' offices, pharmacies and for patient self-monitoring. The results obtained through the products and services marketed are used by researchers, doctors and health professionals to monitor the result of research, the application of the most appropriate therapies, and for greater self-control of the patient themselves

Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) Ltd. was established in April 2015, with approximate investment of 480 million USD as of today. As the first Roche Diagnostics manufacturing site with a R&D center in Asia, it is set out to fuel the rapid and continuous growth in China and the region, while increasing accessibility to Roche innovation and high quality diagnostic solutions to more people.

Roche has continued to grow in Cape Town, and the team has reached the point where they require a larger, more flexible space for research, operations and administration.

GenMark Diagnostics is a leading provider of multiplex molecular diagnostics solutions designed to enhance patient care, improve key quality metrics and reduce the total cost-of-care

TIB Molbiol is a biotech company that has supplied the global market with reagents for research and medical diagnostics for over 30 years

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