Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Nonnenwald 2
DE-82377 Penzberg

The site is unique within the Roche Group for co-locating both Divisions, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Research, development and production of proteins for use in biopharmaceuticals or diagnostics reagents and systems are based on nearly 70 years of experience in biochemistry and all disciplines of biotechnology up to industrial scale. Researchers here focus on the discovery and the development of new protein-based drugs mainly in oncology but also on immunotests and compounds for Roche lab analyser platforms. A renowned expertise is the generating and the development of next generation antibodies. The Antibody Powerhouse Penzberg encompasses the entire value chain including production, supplying almost all the Group’s business areas with reliable, highly specific antibodies. Kilograms of monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids and compounds for medical testing and research are produced for the global market.

One of Penzberg`s contributions to Roche Personalized Healthcare is the biomarker program. The interdisciplinary approach targets the development of new therapeutic proteins and companion diagnostics for patient stratification and therapy monitoring.

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