Roche Group Innovation Engines
A unique structure and our diverse mix of autonomous innovation engines: This combines the strengths of discovering and developing new therapeutics, with diagnostics solutions, as well as cutting-edge data and technology capabilities, so we can pursue innovation in diverse ways across the whole patient journey and in turn, increase our chance of success.


Having Diagnostics and Pharma in one company is a powerful advantage that sets Roche apart.

Synergy between Diagnostics and Pharma


The Roche Group innovation engines

Our innovation engines and further information

RDS is researching and developing comprehensive end-to-end diagnostics solutions to address the needs of labs and Points of Care.

Roche Diagnostics Solutions

RIS is researching and developing digital solutions to help deliver medical value on integrated testing solutions, enabling confident healthcare decisions and improving care along the patient journey.

Roche Information Solutions

RDC is researching and developing solutions for glucose monitoring and insulin delivery to support people with diabetes and those at risk to reach their therapy goals and spend more time in range.

Roche Diabetes Care


The Roche Group has a truly global spread of research, diagnostics and pharma development, data analytics and genomic insight teams at locations across 17 countries, spanning four continents, all working to translate science and research into ground-breaking therapies and diagnostics.

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Global geographical scale and reach


We believe in the power of our strong partnering network driving pioneering scientific and technological breakthroughs across healthcare through diversity of cultures and scientific thinking.

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