Innovation process
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The complexity of human biology is staggering, and drug development is extremely challenging. Across the industry, this leads to high R&D failure rates. We believe in learning from both our successes and failures, taking insights to ask new scientific questions that might lead to the next big discovery

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Diagnostics R&D process

Roche believes that finding innovative solutions for serious, currently unsolved medical problems is what a healthcare company is all about. Our people strive to create clinically differentiated drugs and diagnostic tests to enable tangible improvements in the health, quality of life and survival of patients.

Cooperation between Pharma & Diagnostics divisions

Today sophisticated technologies and molecular insights are available to better understand the root causes of diseases, to develop and adjust treatment to the patients. However discovering and developing novel medicines and diagnostic tests is still a very complex and time consuming undertaking.

Over the past few years we have continously improved the organisational and technological framework to fully leverage the synergies between our Pharma and Diagnostics Divisions.

Although they have different R & D processes, the two divisions can share research facilities, technologies and discoveries when working together on internal projects. This is a unique advantage that sets Roche apart from other companies. Diagnostic tools are finding increasing use in pharmaceutical research.

Most importantly, close cooperation is the basis for the successful implementation of our Personalised Healthcare strategy.

Pharma R&D process

Scientific success cannot be programmed, but we can create the conditions that will allow it to happen: being open to new ideas, having the courage to fail.
Severin Schwan
CEO of Roche

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