What Makes You, You?

It is time to celebrate people beyond their neurological condition, to ensure what makes them who they are, is never forgotten.

What Makes You, You? We all have unique qualities that make us who we are, and it is these qualities that are so important to us, our families and our friends. Neurological conditions can slowly alter parts of our identity, but they do not determine who we are.

By sharing inspirational stories, we can help tackle stigma and change the conversation around people living with neurological conditions.

“Besides the normal hobbies such as walking and running, I like to create new inventions such as irrigation systems. ”
Bernd Heisse
Living with Alzheimer’s disease for 7 years

We asked people living with neurological conditions, their families and their carers ‘What Makes You, You?’. Here is what they had to say.

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What makes you, you: Brian’s story
Brian is living with multiple sclerosis. He tells us how despite his diagnosis he has started to live a simpler lifestyle so he can continue working as a mechanic and be there for his loved ones.

What makes you, you: Patrick’s story
Patrick is living with multiple sclerosis. He shares that despite being diagnosed at a young age, it doesn’t stop him from chasing his cinematography dreams and aspirations.

What makes you, you: Karolina’s story
Karolina is living with multiple sclerosis. She shares how being a mother and supporting other women helps her stay strong and determined.

What makes you, you: Graham’s story
Graham is living with multiple sclerosis. He shares his story on how keeping healthy, cycling, and meditation helps him keep a positive mindset in his sixties.

Alzheimer’s disease

Multiple sclerosis

At Roche, we hope to create a tomorrow where neurological disorders no longer limit human potential – to preserve what makes us who we are.

We would like to thank all the patient groups and people living with neurological conditions who partnered with Roche to create and share their stories.

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