Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a hugely complex disease. Our research and solutions aim to further our understanding of breast cancer and improve outcomes for everyone affected by this disease.


There exists many types and subtypes of breast cancer, meaning every patient is different and thus requires an individualised treatment approach. The complex nature of these tumours means progress in developing new treatments has been slow. Chemotherapy remains the standard of care for this type of disease.

Despite remarkable progress in this setting to date, some patients will see their disease return in the long-term, which is why there is a critical need to continue to optimise early breast cancer care and to do more to prevent the disease evolving to an advanced, incurable stage. By combining pharmaceutical science, strong diagnostic, digital and genomic capabilities, we are able to innovate and develop treatment options tailored to each individual’s needs. Our advanced diagnostic solutions, and most notably the use of biomarker testing, bring us closer to fulfilling our long-term ambition of offering patients personalised treatment approaches. It’s been an immense challenge, but ongoing research efforts are finally bearing fruit for this challenging disease.


We believe there is room for improving outcomes for people with breast cancer. Our focus lies in identifying new targets, refining and exploring immunotherapy approaches, and investigating new treatment combinations.

The advances in AI technology have revolutionized diagnostics, providing healthcare professionals with more precise answers and allowing them to provide their patients with a wider array of treatment options. Existing and new treatment options offer hope for those living with breast cancer.


Ike's story of hope

Meet Ike, who gives a personal account of her experience of being diagnosed with early breast cancer.

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Learn about the different stages of early breast cancer treatment and the roles and goals of each.

Breast cancer: one diagnosis, hundreds of lives impacted

Behind every breast cancer diagnosis is a personal story. This video highlights the ripple effect of a breast cancer diagnosis.

How tumours progress over time

Tumour growth may go unnoticed. That is why knowing the early signs of breast cancer is key.


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