Alzheimer's disease

Rising to the global challenge of Alzheimer’s disease through innovation and collaboration.


Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic medical condition that leads to increasingly severe memory impairment and behaviour and social challenges. It’s not a part of normal ageing and is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time.1

Over 55 million people are living with dementia - and with prevalence projected to increase to nearly 140 million by 2050, the impact of Alzheimer’s will intensify as populations age.1 The disease eventually takes away a person’s ability to live independently, requiring family and friends to provide increasing levels of care, while medical costs also increase.

Many of us at Roche have been personally touched by Alzheimer’s disease. We understand the heavy toll it takes on all those affected - our grandparents, our parents, our partners and our children. This human connection, our passion for patient-centric science and solutions and our mission to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s on society fuel our persistence in this complex disease area for our and your loved ones.


We believe acting early in Alzheimer’s disease is going to have the greatest impact on society. It will help people living with Alzheimer’s today receive better care and tomorrow’s people living with Alzheimer’s receive effective treatments, to help retain their independence for longer.

Following the science

Together with our many partners, we are working towards the day when the term “Alzheimer’s disease” no longer invokes feelings of stigma, despair, loneliness and isolation – a day when we detect it early, slow it down, or even stop its progression and help preserve what makes people who they are.

With over two decades of scientific research in Alzheimer’s, we have made meaningful contributions to the field by driving understanding of the biology and underlying pathology of the disease and have persisted when faced with disappointments. We continue to listen to and closely collaborate with the Alzheimer’s community, learning from setbacks and building on each success.

Transforming care together

We’re using our diagnostic and pharmaceutical capabilities in an effort to better detect, diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s when symptoms first start to show and are actively working toward preventing the disease altogether.

We understand that the challenges that exist in Alzheimer’s go beyond the capabilities of science. Global challenges can only be overcome through global partnerships and we have entered into numerous partnerships and collaborations that have provided valuable contributions to the field.

To advance scientific research, improve our understanding of the disease and the needs of those touched by it, reduce stigmas and advance health equity, we will continue to collaborate with equally passionate partners across academia, advocacy, government and industry – both within and outside of healthcare.


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Rising to the global challenge of Alzheimer’s Disease

Over 55 million people worldwide live with dementia. By 2050, it is expected that this number will grow to approximately 139 million.

Science in Seconds

This six chapter series aims to demystify the science behind Alzheimer’s Disease. Throughout the series we will touch on topics such as causes of AD, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and research.

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