Life-changing innovation is only meaningful if it reaches those who need it. We put access at the core of our business and consider it a key part of our commitment to improving patient outcomes. We partner with stakeholders at global, country and community levels to enable access to innovative healthcare, no matter where people live.

Dr Christoph Franz

André Hoffmann

Dr Severin Schwan

Roche Group sales:
CHF 63.3 billion

Pharmaceuticals Division sales:
CHF 45.6 billion

Diagnostics Division sales:
CHF 17.7 billion

Core investments in
research and development:
CHF 14.1 billion

Core operating profit:
CHF 22.2 billion

Dividend proposal:
CHF 9.50

*Unless otherwise stated, all growth rates and comparisons to the previous year are at constant exchange rates (CER; average rates 2021) and all total figures quoted are reported in CHF.

  • Actemra/RoActemra (two indications)

  • Cotellic

  • Lunsumio

  • Tecentriq

  • Evrysdi

  • Vabysmo (two indications) 

  • Xofluza

  • Lunsumio

  • Polivy

  • Tecentriq

  • Vabysmo (two indications)

  • Actemra/RoActemra

  • Rozlytrek (two indications)

  • Tecentriq

  • Actemra/RoActemra

  • Gazyva/Gazyvaro

  • Hemlibra

  • Perjeta + Herceptin

  • Polivy

  • Tecentriq

  • MabThera/Rituxan

  • Vabysmo (two indications)

  • 2 new platforms

  • 2 new tests

  • 1 other

  • 1 new platform

  • 9 new tests

  • 3 new digital solutions

  • 1 other

  • 4 new platforms

  • 12 new tests

  • 1 new digital solution

  • 1 new test

  • 1 new digital solution

  • 4 new digital solutions

people were on Roche patient support programmes, a 14% increase from 2021

worldwide in the Access to Medicine Index

HIV-positive patients were able to have their viral load monitored through the Global Access Program to check for treatment efficacy

We continue to work with City Cancer Challenge, who are active in 13 cities worldwide reaching an estimated 59.6 million people

will be screened for diabetes over the next two years in Meru, Kenya, through the Mwanga access project

tests conducted with Roche Diagnostics products

women in executive positions

under-represented nationalities in executive positions*

diversity networks and chapters around the globe

Global D&I strategy focuses on four pillars: patient, people, culture, and society

in pay between men and women in similar jobs as our organisation-wide analysis confirmed

with thecommitting support for disability inclusion.

*Includes individuals from countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

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