Working with suppliers
“Being sustainable and valuing diversity cannot be afterthoughts. They must be embedded in how we think, behave, and act. They are part of our business strategy”
Thomas Schinecker
CEO Roche Group

Collaboration with suppliers for sustainable value creation

Sustainability is a core element of Roche’s strategy, and central to procurement’s purpose of delivering long term value for the company and our patients.

Procurement supports Roche in doing now what patients need next by delivering value beyond savings, driving sustainability in the communities where our patients live. One of the key ways procurement does this is by collaborating with our suppliers to find solutions for some of the world's most pressing problems. We do this by building sustainability solutions on a foundation of data, partnership and effective risk management.

Hear Marielle Beyer, Head of Global Procurement on working with suppliers and service providers to create, enhance and maintain sustainable value.
“If you are active in society you need to be able to contribute to the state of communities in which you are working, to make a commitment which goes over and above the customer, and the patient in our case”
Andre Hoffman
speaking on ‘The Power of Purpose’ in business

Access For our Suppliers & Service Providers

You can also contact our Partnering Team if you have an opportunity for collaboration, an interesting technology, or a potential breakthrough.

*Alternatively, If you're a startup company and interested in contacting us, please send a mail to with the word startup as the mail's subject.


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