At Roche, sustainability is a core part of our ethos. We are committed to operating in ways that enhance society and the environment, and this commitment includes the behavior of our suppliers. Roche Procurement supports the Roche mission, Doing Now What Patients Need Next, by collaborating with our suppliers to achieve sustainability.

Sustainability Standards, as outlined in thelist our expectations towards suppliers in the areas of ethics, human rights & labour, health & safety, environment and management systems.

In order to enhance and accelerate those standards, supplier collaboration is imperative. We partner and collaborate with our Suppliers to identify opportunities that can improve compliance, safety and innovation and create value for the entire supply chain. This is achieved through environmental stewardship, Greenhouse Gas reduction, protection of Vulnerable Populations (e.g. children; underage workers; migrants; indigenous peoples; local underprivileged communities; and people with low levels of education), advocating for diversity and inclusion, and increased supply chain transparency.

Sustainable Procurement also means that Procurement advocates for and enables Roche to work with responsible suppliers. In this way, we are able to use our reputation and credibility to make a positive impact on environmental and social issues.

At Roche we believe in collaboration to deliver impactful patient outcomes and change at scale. Addressing the pressing climate challenges require significant collaboration to make an impact that matters now. Over 90% of our total carbon emissions are attributable to our value chain. Therefore we are committed to partner with our suppliers and to change how we buy and what we buy to reduce the environmental impact throughout our value chain.

As part of our commitment, we have joined the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) and have committed to set carbon reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

We are proud to be part of the SMI Health Systems Taskforce that has defined joint, minimum climate and sustainability targets to reduce carbon emissions along the value chain. Together with global leaders from across the healthcare sector our Chairman Severin Schwan has signed anurging suppliers to join us in adopting minimum climate and sustainability targets.

Based on Roche’s commitment to SMI and SBTi, we expect our suppliers to implement the following minimum climate and sustainability targets.

In addition to the expectations above, all legally binding and local requirements and environmental regulations need to be fulfilled (e.g. Safety, Security, Health, Environmental Protection expectations).

With our Sustainability Supplier Engagement Programme, we engage and collaborate further with selected suppliers to take action on those targets and have constructive dialogues to understand how we can work together to drive carbon reductions.

We will also work out more concrete targets for our listed expectations beyond 2025.

We are continuously enhancing the capabilities of our procurement function to incorporate sustainability considerations in our tender questions, contracts, and performance metrics, as we expect all our suppliers to contribute to our decarbonization journey.

Through our participation in the Energize programme, we are also collaborating with our peers in the pharmaceutical and medtech sector to promote the use of renewable energy throughout the entire supply chain. Please find more information about the programme including registration link

We are a proud member of PSCI, a collective effort aimed at promoting responsible value chain management and fostering improved business conditions throughout the industry. Together, we work diligently to instill these principles and drive positive change.
Theincorporates the 5 auditable key principles 1) Governance and Management Systems, 2) Ethics, 3) Human Rights, 4) Health and Safety and 5) Environment of the

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