Supporting pandemic preparedness


Differentiated prices to support countries with the prevention and fight against influenza pandemics.


Influenza pandemics are rare but recurring events. They have typically occurred every 10-50 years throughout recorded history. The potentially serious impacts on human health, national economies and social infrastructure are of global concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised that an influenza pandemic remains a real threat and has provided recommendations regarding the steps governments should take to protect public health. These recommendations include establishing stockpiles of antiviral medicines to ensure timely access to antiviral medicines during a pandemic.

Oseltamivir is recommended as a flu antiviral by public health bodies worldwide including the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control (ECDC) and the (WHO).

Our contribution

As an innovation based pharmaceutical company, our primary role is to research, develop and produce innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help patients to live better and longer lives.

Today, while we are focused on innovating new influenza medicines to address ongoing unmet medical needs, we continue to actively support WHO and governments’ pandemic preparedness efforts by:

  • Offering a tailored pricing structure for national pandemic stockpiling of antivirals
  • Contributing to WHO’s Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework
  • Donating 5 million courses of antiviral treatment to be distributed as directed by WHO.

We remain dedicated to public health and will continue to work with relevant authorities to support their pandemic preparedness plans.

We also work closely with the WHO to maintain Tamiflu stockpiles for distribution by the WHO to countries in need during a pandemic. The stockpiles can also be used for preventative measures to quickly contain and manage local outbreaks.

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