Our approach to increase access to healthcare

Access to healthcare is a complex challenge and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Four key factors need to be in place to successfully improve access to effective, quality healthcare.

Healthcare capacity

Awareness of disease and symptoms is essential for screening and early detection.


of people know the ten main signs of breast cancer.1

  • Awareness flagship project

    Raising awareness on breast cancer in Colombia

    Many Colombian women are not aware of the risk factors for cancer or of the importance of early detection. The result is that patients present with a more advanced disease stage.

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Diagnosis can be complex, but is vital in ensuring that the right treatment choices are made.


to 45% of HIV-positive mothers transmit HIV to their child in the absence of any intervention.2

  • Delivering fast HIV and COVID-19 test results in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Delays in receiving test results for HIV viral load or COVID-19 can be life threatening. In partnership with patients and healthcare providers in Sub-Saharan Africa, new Roche innovation brings results quickly and confidentially to patient smartphones

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  • Diagnosis flagship project

    Testing newborns for HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Babies with HIV are more likely to survive if they begin treatment before they are three months old. Therefore, early diagnosis is a must.

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Healthcare capacity requires trained teams working together with the right equipment to provide the best chance of successful treatment.


out of 51 countries in Africa do not have radiotherapy services.3

  • Healthcare capacity flagship project

    Strengthening healthcare capacity in South-Africa

    The Roche Scientific Campus in Johannesburg is a purpose-built training centre to increase much needed laboratory services.

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Funding is needed for investment in healthcare and reimbursement of medicines and tests, in order that patients can be protected from financial burden.


adults in the United States are without health insurance.4,5

  • Funding flagship project

    Proving access and reimbursement support in the United States

    Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, runs several programmes in the US to help with patient access once one of our medicines is prescribed.

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  • Our access projects from around the world

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