Pakistan’s per capita income is as low as $1629 per annum and health care expenditure is only 2.8% of GDP. This means that many patients in Pakistan are denied access to appropriate cancer care. Our aim is to address the lack of cancer care in Pakistan and make medicines affordable to more people.

What we’re doing

In partnership with the Federal Government of Pakistan, we launched “UNMOL”, a Patient Support Programme (PSP) to increase access to cancer medicines. It offers sustainable financial solutions for those in need of oncology treatment by supporting patients unable to complete their treatment and those that cannot afford even a single treatment cycle. Partially affording patients are supported with a number of treatment cycles based on their financial status. For those who are completely non-affording patients, Roche and the Pakistan Federal Government cover the entire treatment free of cost.

Our impact

More than 1700 patients have been supported since the launch of the programme in August 2017.

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Last updated August 2018

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