From molecule to medicine

How medicines are created

Roche has set itself the task of developing new agents specifically in these areas – drugs that bring about a sustained improvement in medical practice. The path is long, laborious and often fraught with complications. A little luck is also always helpful.

From idea to drug candidate

When Roche researchers tackle a new disease, they sometimes work like crime scene investigators. They begin with a meticulous analysis of the biological mechanism behind the disease. Then they look for substances that influence this mechanism. Promising drug candidates are further developed, improved and tested for possible side effects.

From clinical studies to market maturity

The Roche experts select only the most promising drug candidates for further investigation in clinical studies. These studies are designed to evaluate efficacy but also safety in terms of serious side effects in various groups of patients. This can often take years. And only if the candidate passes all these tests is it finally approved as a new drug, ready for market launch.

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