Molecular diagnostics


For molecular diagnostics Roche develops and produces innovative tests based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The tests developed for oncology, virology, Human papilloma virus (HPV), microbiology and for screening blood products are used around the world by researchers, doctors, patients, hospitals, laboratories and blood banks. A new generation of tests supports healthcare providers in choosing medications based on molecular characteristics of diseases and in monitoring treatments.

Diagnostics tailored to individual genetic and disease profiles

Roche's legacy of innovation includes transforming next-generation sequencing and its applications. By simplifying workflows and expanding assay menus, we are broadening access to genomic data. We aim to make next-generation sequencing routine and develop a complete sequencing solution from “Sample In” to “Result Out”.

Our areas of focus include

  • Novel technologies for handling and storage of samples prior to nucleic acid testing 
  • Isolation, enrichment and amplification technologies for nucleic acid testing
  • New platforms for automated sample prep
  • New platforms and reagents for improved nucleic acid testing 
  • New technologies to measure nucleic acid modifications
  • Pioneering new fields/ applications for Next Generation Sequencing

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