Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement

Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to build trust and understanding of their expectations. By embedding their feedback into our strategy and our daily business, we are able to jointly address our common issues and develop long-term solutions. more

In order to identify the topics that are particularly relevant to Roche, its stakeholders and society at large to deliver lasting shared value, we conducted an in-depth materiality assessment at the corporate level in 2018/2019 among our key stakeholders. This built on the first materiality analysis that was conducted in 2014 and added an external perspective, gaining critical insights into what is important to our stakeholders, and what they consider as emerging trends and topics.

Our approach

Our approach to materiality assessment is integrated - building on our Group Risk Management Process - and inclusive, being designed collaboratively with colleagues across multiple functions (Risk Advisory, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Compliance, Finance, Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Protection as well as Communications).

We took the outcomes of our Group Risk Management Process as a starting point to identify those key emerging trends of relevance to the Roche Group. We then conducted qualitative interviews with more than 30 experts (across broad stakeholders categories, including patient organisations, global institutions, peers, suppliers, contract research organisations, universities and investors) and collected over 600 external and internal stakeholder views via an online survey to identify the most important and pressing issues that Roche should address in the next 3 to 5 years.

In a final step, we analyzed those various insights and identified 19 materials topics that stood out as highly relevant to us and to our key stakeholders. To properly address those topics, we have then aligned them with our current goals and are measuring performance through our defined set of indicators.

In addition, the materiality assessment has been shared internally with the functions in charge of managing respective topics . It has also informed discussion to define our new corporate goals, subsequent sustainability objectives and communications priorities that will be rolled out in 2020. Finally, the outcomes of the materiality assessment will be feeding back into our 2020 Group Risk Management Process.

The process and the results of our materiality analysis have been endorsed by the Roche Corporate Sustainability Committee.

Our 19 material topics

Access to healthcare


Science and innovation

Product quality and safety

Ethics and compliance

Employee engagement

Energy efficiency

Long-term mindset

* On a 1 to 10 scale