Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement

Engaging with our stakeholders is essential for understanding their expectations, needs and concerns. By embedding their feedback into our strategy and our daily business, we are able to address our common issues and develop long-term solutions. more

To ensure we have identified the topics that affect our stakeholders and that are particular relevant for our long-term success, we conducted a materiality analysis at the corporate level among our key stakeholders, in line with our strategy.  more


Defining the materiality process

Preparing our assessment

  • Confirm process, criteria and drivers to assess materiality of key topics
  • Determine ability to influence topics and opportunities for differentiation

Collecting stakeholder feedback

Views from our stakeholders

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Collect feedback through surveys and internal experts

Identifying and ranking material topics

Our 21 material topics

  • Integrate with key corporate business risks and opportunities
  • Tiered ranking in line with group risk reporting
  • Address through aligning with our strategic priorities, goal setting processes and operational activities

In a first step, we defined an integrated process, criteria for inclusion and main drivers for the materiality assessment. In a second step, we gathered stakeholder feedback through various internal and external sources, conferences, as well as regular interviews and one-on-one discussions conducted by Roche experts. This enabled us to include the topics from those stakeholder groups that we consider most important to our business and to the healthcare sector: patient organisations, employees, media, investors, payers, regulators and governments. We also identified key corporate business risks and opportunities through our internal risk framework that allowed us a tiered-based ranking.  more

In a final step, in 2017 we combined and ranked those various insights and identified 21 materials topics that stood out as highly relevant to us and to our key stakeholders, and with a significant impact on our long-term success. These 21 material topics are reflected in our business priorities. We define goals, take concrete actions, and measure performance through defined indicators. The process and the results of our materiality analysis have been endorsed by the Roche Corporate Sustainability Committee and by our Chief Executive Officer.

Moving forward, we will maintain constant engagement with our key stakeholders at a global and local level and regularly update our materiality analysis.