Decentralised testing (point of care) and patient self testing

Our areas of focus include

  • Platforms and technologies supporting hospital care, ambulatory care and patient self testing (e.g. immunochemistry, clinical chemistry, blood gas & electrolytes, complete blood count, infectious disease, nucleic acid testing)

  • Pioneering new fields/ applications for Point-of-Care and near patient testing (e.g. breath analysis, wearable sensors, physiological testing)

  • New platforms and technologies with fully automated sample handling and detection functionality, lab like performance, and lowest cost disposables

  • IT solutions supporting Integrated diagnostic information anywhere, anytime (e.g. smart apps, communicating sensors with smartphones, disposable read out with smartphones)

As healthcare systems face continued pressure to deliver improved access to care at a lower cost, increased connectivity between health care providers (HCPs) and patients becomes even more important. We want to bring lab-quality to point of care and patient self testing to enable making the best treatment decisions possible when patients need it most.

If you have an opportunity for collaboration or an interesting technology, or if you have an asset in one of our areas of interest, we would like to hear from you.

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