This is personalised healthcare

Driving a better future for patients

We are at a pivotal moment in healthcare history. An unprecedented convergence of medical knowledge, technology and data science is revolutionising patient care. Roche is spearheading the next generation of healthcare with partners around the globe. We are bringing together a unique understanding of human biology with new ways to analyse health data. Our vision is to ensure that the screening, diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of diseases will more quickly and effectively transform the lives of people everywhere - ensuring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.


Transforming the future of care

The science of medicine has allowed us to make incredible advances in diagnosing and treating diseases. But the complexity of human biology is staggering. Every person is unique and in many ways, so are diseases. Yet the digital revolution in healthcare provides new ways to both collect high-quality data from each patient and connect it to data from large pools of other patients for analysis with artificial intelligence based algorithms. This enables us to arrive at a deeper understanding of how to treat an individual. Only then can we see what distinguishes each of us as individuals, and translate that into personalised and thus improved care for every person. Real-world evidence, molecular information generated from next-generation sequencing, data from wearable devices and mobile apps and novel clinical trials are transforming the future of care.

If one has a better understanding of their health, they can have a better quality of life, for their whole life.
Dennis Horgan Executive Director - European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

Medicine driven by patients and data

Real-world data not only helps us understand existing medicines and when to use them, but can also inform the development of future treatments. Insights coming from a patient’s bedside inform those coming from the research bench, and vice versa. And this data drives the pharmaceutical industry forward. We’re developing new medicines that, for example, target the specific ways that cancers grow or escape the immune system. Precision medicine is already changing outcomes. It’s helping patients live longer, better lives by ensuring each person gets the right treatment at the right time. 

Personalised healthcare means more than precision medicine, because it contains the word 'care'.
Teresa Gerlock Roche Medical

Diagnostics for smarter decisions

Roche pioneered the use of companion diagnostics for our cancer medicines. Biomarker tests now commonly inform treatment decisions. But that's only the beginning. Technologies like next-generation sequencing can map out an individual’s full genetic makeup, tumor mutations, and other defining molecular features to find the most appropriate treatment. Liquid biopsies may allow us to non-invasively track how a cancer evolves over time and adjust treatment accordingly. And digital clinical decision support puts massive amounts of data in the hands of clinicians, facilitating their discussions and enabling them to make the best decision regarding therapy for the patient.

We are developing innovative solutions to bring more personalised care across the patient journey, from diagnosis to therapy decision, treatment and medical monitoring.
Tim Jaeger Head of Diagnostics Information Solutions, Roche
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Transforming healthcare systems

Personalised healthcare is not only about treating and preventing disease for individual patients. It is also about rethinking the healthcare system for future generations. Personalised medicine can deliver efficiencies that will keep healthcare systems sustainable in the face of rising costs. But the systems will need to evolve as well. Approaches to data sharing, clinical trial design, and regulatory processes will all be affected by digitalisation. To realise the promise of personalised healthcare, the whole system – from the way we develop therapies to the way care is delivered to patients – has to evolve.  

We need to partner across the industry to shape the entire ecosystem that supports personalized healthcare. It's grand and ambitious and it is what needs to happen to transform patient care.
Dvorah Richler Roche Medical
Why Roche

Collaboration is key

At Roche, we are working to ensure personalised medicine becomes the norm across mainstream, everyday healthcare. We’re partnering with leaders in health and technology, with governments and regulatory bodies, as well as physicians and advocates, to realise that vision. Our unique constellation of capabilities under one roof means we can follow where the science, the technology and the data take us. But we know we can’t do it alone; we will only achieve this goal through partnerships. This is a time of remarkable collaborations across industries and companies. Our purpose continues to be doing now what patients need next – making sure everyone gets access to the personalised healthcare they need. 

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