Our approach to philanthropy

A tradition of philanthropy has existed at Roche for more than a century. We support social causes, educational initiatives, encourage youth engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and an interest in science by communities at large, and promote contemporary cultural activities. The common purpose of our activities is to make a lasting impact by building stronger and healthier communities. We are global citizens supporting local efforts.

Philanthropy is our commitment to society and communities in which we operate – beyond our primary business and R&D activities.

Roche is involved with projects that aim to address local and global needs in a sustainable way. We aim to strengthen communities via our local offices in more than 90 countries around the world, and contribute to broader society through our global headquarters. In addition to financial donations, we contribute in-kind - like medicines needed after a major natural disaster and employee time and skills.

Our focus areas

We primarily support programmes that will benefit from an active, long-term commitment on our part. An emphasis is placed on projects that make a difference through innovation, collaboration, quality and sustainability.

Funds and in-kind contributions are directed toward four areas:

  • Humanitarian and social projects that have long-term impact and benefits

  • Science and education programmes for students and teachers

  • Arts and culture with an emphasis on vibrant contemporary and innovative activities

  • Community and environment projects, including disaster relief

Our approach to philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorship is discreet, mindful and professional. We mirror our sustainable business model. By selectively developing and supporting innovative solutions and by applying our core knowledge together with leading partners, the aim is to apply simple measures that result in lasting improvements for society. We believe that this collaborative, value-based approach demonstrates that Roche and its partners are committed to effective outcomes. Our expectation is that our partners share the risk, commitment and investment of respective resources in the implementation of a project.

Collaborating locally and internationally

Roche-supported projects are managed at the respective global and/or local affiliate levels. By selecting and managing local philanthropic projects through the respective local offices, we can better focus on community needs and circumstances to maximise impact.

On the global level, collaborations with NGOs are typically for long-term projects that may encompass multiple countries. Examples of signature, international corporate projects are:

  • Theour biggest employee engagement & philanthropic event

  • our science and arts education programme

  • Ourrebuilding activities after significant disasters

  • healthcare trains traveling through rural South Africa

Monitoring and assessing impact

When assessing projects, the main measure of success or value is potential impact to the community and beneficiaries - not material return on investment. We believe that good corporate citizenship is fundamental to our company practices, rather than something undertaken for publicity purposes.

Read about our philantropy activities around the world:


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