Roche employee secondment programme

Our skills-based volunteer initiative allows colleagues to exchange their knowledge and expertise with NGOs focusing on improving health and education around the world.

Sharing skills in health and education

We offer a skills-based volunteering programme for employees to work collaboratively with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to improve health and education in some of the world’s developing countries. This volunteering programme combines the capabilities and skills of Roche and its employees with those of NGOs to build capacity, deliver sustainable outputs and escalate impact.

Since 2007, the secondment programme has been a win-win-win initiative for participating NGOs, employees and Roche. Our partners have benefited from access to skills from some of our top-talented employees and received a different, external perspective. Employees develop a new perspective and expand their skills, while taking some of the new culture and experiences back to their daily lives and professional roles. Roche benefits from employees returning from such meaningful assignments with increased motivation and broader experience.

How does it work?

Employee-requested assignment. Employees can spend three to 12 months working on a health-related project in a developing country in collaboration with a qualifying NGO. Eligible employees identify projects and partner organisations where their professional skills can be used in a meaningful and sustainable way to help prevent or manage a health-related issue in one of the world’s poorest countries (i.e., a United Nations least developed country or World Bank low/lower-middle income country). Our employees have contributed to projects in countries such as Zimbabwe, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia and Haiti. Interested employees work with the Corporate Donations & Philanthropy group, local HR department and their line management to secure an assignment.

NGO-requested assignment. NGOs with a need for skill-specific, short-term (less than 160 hours/year) support on a health- or education-related assignment may request pro-bono support from Roche. Roche employees are paired with partner organisations based on their expertise and ability to help the organisations address critical business needs in areas such as supply chain, business practices and strategy, legal services, research and laboratory principles, engineering, IT and P&C, among other expertise areas. All assignments are evaluated by the Corporate Donations & Philanthropy group or respective local Roche affiliate office. Participating organisations have included the International Committee of the Red Cross, Swiss TPH, SpringACT, SapoCycle, Swisscontact, B360 Education Partnerships and Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Accredited NGOs can submit a project description and request for support at this time, priority is being given to requests from Europe-based NGOs.


Roche Secondment Programme factsheet

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