Dr Michael Heuer

CV as per end of term

Personal Data

Nationality: German
Year of Birth: 1954


CEO Roche Diagnostics


  • University of Kiel, Germany
    PhD in Chemistry

Professional Career

  • 1983
    Boehringer Mannheim, Germany
    Product Manager Immunoassays
  • 1989
    Boehringer Mannheim, USA
    Head of Marketing Immuno Systems
  • 1992
    Boehringer Mannheim, Germany
    Head Sales East Region, Laboratory Systems
  • 1995
    Roche Diagnostics, Germany (following Roche’s acquisition of Boehringer Mannheim in 1998)
    Head of Sales and Marketing Professional Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics and Applied Sciences
  • 2001
    Roche Diagnostics, Austria
    Head of Roche Near Patient Testing
  • 2004
    Roche Diagnostics, Germany
    Head EMEA Sub-Region 1 (Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece, South Africa)
  • 2008
    Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland
    Head of EMEA-LATAM Region (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America)
  • 2018
    Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland
    Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Roche Corporate Executive Committee