Removing the barriers to oncofertility

Life after cancer comes with a new set of challenges. Fertility shouldn't be one of them. Yet, sadly female cancer survivors don’t always get the timely access to counseling and treatment that’s needed.

Matteo Lambertini, Assistant professor at the University of Genova and Consultant in Medical Oncology, believes it’s important to empower female patients, as well as improve the networks between oncologists and fertility experts.

Tune in as he talks to Maura Dickler, Vice President and Global Head, Product Development Oncology, Breast and Gynecologic Cancers about tangible efforts to remove these barriers - and why it all begins with clinical trials.

“Now, as physicians, as medical oncologists, we have more responsibilities because it's not only the cure of the disease, but it's also to avoid as much as possible the side effects… We need to pay more attention when we design clinical trials to try to focus on the survivorship issues.”
Dr Matteo Lambertini
oncologist and assistant professor at the University of Genova at the San Martino Hospital

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