The importance of access to information in cancer care

Receiving the news that you have cancer is beyond compare. But in addition to the shock of the news, comes the challenge of navigating the journey ahead.

It can be devastating not knowing whom to go to for information or only realising when it’s too late that there are steps one should have taken before starting chemotherapy or any other treatment.

For Indyra Oropeza Aguila, President and Founder of Con L de Leucemia, the journey started with the strong support of her doctors. But she soon realised that not everyone has the same access to information and healthcare. To help navigate through the challenge, She started a blog to share her experience, became a patient advocate, authored a memoir, founded a non-profit organisation and is currently driving support to implement the recently signed National Cancer Law in Peru which will seek to provide all oncology patients in Peru with access to dignified and high quality of health care.

Indyra believes that information is power. Listen to our latest podcast episode as Indyra shares her inspiring story about making a change.

"Information cures! Because when you get the right information at the right time, you can save your life!"
Indyra Oropeza Aguilar
leukemia survivor, patient advocate and founder of NGO Con L de Leucemia.

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