The business case for women’s health

It’s no secret, women’s health has been traditionally underfunded. But the past few years have seen an upsurge in funding for women-led companies, thanks in part to efforts of companies like Springboard Enterprises, who’ve made it their mission to help drive innovation, research and investment in women’s health.

In this new episode of Voices for Women’s Health, Teresa Graham – Head of Pharma Global Products Strategy (GPS) at Roche Pharmaceuticals – sits down with Springboard Enterprises CEO, Natalie Buford Young, for an empowering discussion around women’s health and the need for greater equity in research and funding.

Springboard Enterprises has been supporting women entrepreneurs in technology and life sciences for decades, working tirelessly to close the gaps in women’s health by providing greater funding and research to women-led companies.

“From a funding perspective, the venture capital industry is still predominantly male. There's only 13% percent of women in leadership roles and venture capital. That means that when you are a woman innovating in women's health and you're approaching a venture capitalist and trying to explain the latest pelvic floor solution, or something around menopause or maternal care. It's not that they don't care about it. It's that everyone invests in what they know, and they just don't know these areas.”
Natalie Buford Young
CEO of Springboard Enterprises

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