Daring to address challenges in Women’s Health

In this podcast series, we take a closer look at the most important issues about inequalities in women’s healthcare.

Understanding the current structures and systemic biases are crucial to equitable healthcare. It's time to look at fundamental differences in experiences and needs that influence disease prevention and diagnosis, affect disease impact, or response to treatment. And systematically integrating women's unique characteristics and experiences into healthcare to improve health outcomes will not be a ‘quick fix’. It will involve all levels of the system, from the policy-makers, healthcare industry, all the way down to the individual.

Join us as we engage with remarkable women (and men) in discussing the challenges and potential solutions to improve women’s access to diagnosis, treatment and care while examining the systems and structures that contribute to inequalities. With Voices for Women’s Health: Daring to address challenges in Women’s Health, we learn, discuss and open new ideas on how to improve women’s healthcare.

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