Joining forces to shape women centric healthcare with Equity 2030 Alliance

Science and healthcare have a history of overlooking women’s needs, leading to a system where women face inequities in diagnosis, treatment and care. It's high time we challenge this status quo to ensure that cutting-edge innovations and the rapid advances in technology and medicine benefit everyone.

Roche is striving to catalyse a worldwide transformation of women’s health through its initiative XProject. Central to this effort is ensuring women’s voices are heard. As part of XProject’shundreds of women across the world have shared their health stories, revealing the stark knowledge gaps in women’s health as well as the discrimination and stigma that women often face. Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) poignantly points out that “women walk through a world that was not built for them. We can resolve this challenge if we unite and commit to equity by design”.

To address this critical issue, the UNFPA has launched thea pioneering global initiative aimed at achieving gender equity in science, technology and financing by 2030.

The alliance’s vision is to build an equitable future for all by closing gaps to advance gender inclusive solutions in health science and technology, as well as ensuring adequate financing of women centric solutions and research. We are proud to be an inaugural member of the Equity 2030 Alliance, to work alongside the UNFPA and other leaders from the private sector, academia and government to build an equitable future where the needs of all are included and addressed.

We see an opportunity to drive change by taking a specific women centric look at how we approach healthcare. “I fundamentally believe we must evolve how women are considered in healthcare if we want to improve outcomes for all patients and ensure everyone can benefit from innovation and medical advancements”, says Teresa Graham, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals. One example where we’re deeply committed is in advancing inclusive research. Ensuring patients who reflect the diversity of those who experience disease, including in terms of sex and gender, is a cornerstone of research and development. We also see the role we can play in breaking down barriers to accessing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. Because we know that in all parts of the world women can face different hurdles when it comes to accessing healthcare.

But our healthcare systems do not operate in isolation, therefore we are equally committed to collaborate with stakeholders to establish a shared understanding of women centric care. With women centric care, we want to pave the way to new standards of care. Where every woman feels confident in articulating her health needs and expectations, is listened to, believed, respected and encouraged. This includes receiving timely and easy access to diagnosis, treatment and care. Women should be able to count on coordinated and individual support throughout her health journey.

Together with partners across sectors and the global community, we want to help shape healthcare to place women's needs at its core. This collective effort embodies our unwavering commitment to equity, inclusivity, and the well-being of all, furthering the cause of women's health, both today and for generations to come.

Women all over the world have shared their health stories so that we can help change the way we approach women’s health. Stories of dismissal, bias, misdiagnosis and indifference. Stories of strength, courage and hope. Stories that affirm the need for change in women’s health.

across the world to learn about the experiences, challenges, or hurdles they faced throughout their health journey.

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