An integrated approach to women’s healthcare
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200 kilometers. That’s the distance separating Zurich and Geneva. It’s also what stands between some Kenyan women and access to healthcare.

In Kenya, women must often endure long and arduous journeys to reach the nearest hospital and access critical cancer screening tools. In addition, systemic challenges such as lack of screening and diagnostic capabilities, low human capacity, infrastructure, and funding for drugs, limit women’s access to the care they are entitled to, leading to poor outcomes.

EMPOWER is a partnership between public, private and not-for-profit organisations. It aims to help break silos and overcome system challenges by establishing clinics that provide integrated care for breast and cervical cancer. Since it first launched in 2019, 16 clinics have been established across Kenya.

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County First Ladies Association


Africa Cancer Foundation


Women 4 Cancer


International Cancer Institute


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"Before the establishment of the unit, patients used to travel more than 200km to Kenyatta National Hospital and private facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This was expensive, time consuming and associated with delays, with patients sometimes missing treatment due to long queues as well as lack of follow up and poor outcomes."
Prof. Kivutha Kibwana
Makueni County Governor, at Kenya Launch of EMPOWER Clinic

This integrated and woman-centric approach to care has expanded horizons and paved the way for more possibilities beyond breast and gynecological cancers, while also sparking a broader engagement with families and the community to raise awareness, increase screening and improve healthcare for all.

Empowering women lies at the core of our ambition to transform healthcare and while progress has been made, we know we can do more. And we know we can’t do it alone. Partnerships like EMPOWER that combine knowledge and expertise across sectors are key to finding solutions that address inequities, and will help improve women’s healthcare journeys.

But while women's health has long been looked at with a focus on specific body parts, EMPOWER challenges that thinking and looks at each woman holistically. More than 25,000 women have received integrated screening for breast and cervical cancer alongside hypertension and diabetes screening. Over 300 of them were found to have abnormal findings and were able to access additional diagnosis and treatment services.

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