Collaboration will bring us closer to addressing global inequities in healthcare.
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To solve these complex issues, we’re thinking outside the box and want to bring different industries, perspectives and expertise together. We call on individuals, organisations and policy makers to join us on the mission to drive meaningful change for women everywhere.

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Today more than ever, our world is driven by data – and missing data often leads to problems. Sex- and gender-related data is no exception. To provide better, more equitable health care, we need robust data to paint a better picture. And to have tailored healthcare that responds to the needs, experiences, characteristics and circumstances of all women, we need to understand what a women-centered approach to healthcare really means.

We set out to understand how to improve the overwhelming disparities with different initiatives, looking at different conditions and different aspects of barriers that impact the healthcare women receive.

Through a variety of methods and together with key partners. We will conduct research and host vital discussions to spark conversation that shed light on these long overlooked issues.

With the outcomes of the various research efforts, we aim to support evidence-based recommendations and insights for ourselves and all other actors in health systems, and elevate dialogue around the urgent need for change among key stakeholders and decision makers.

19 July 2022 | Podcast

It's Personal: Inclusive Research and Precision Medicine

This episode of the 'Two Scientists Walk into a Bar' podcast discusses the potential for more diverse genetic data to create a more equitable health landscape.

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