Our dedicated team is self-contained with a mandate for independent decision making on new and existing investments.

We make investments in life science companies aiming to create value by fostering innovation, guiding successful businesses and generating financial return to Roche.

An investment is more than a funding round to us: an investment means a proactive and long-term engagement.

What type of companies do we invest in?

We invest in private companies with innovative medicines, diagnostics and technologies. In select cases, we will invest in companies alongside research and development collaborations with Roche or Genentech.

We share Roche's culture of innovation. We are global, forward looking and willing to take risks on innovations with high potential reward.

What does our typical investment look like?

We focus on Series A investments though will invest later. For therapeutics, we like to invest in preclinical companies. For diagnostics, we prefer 12-18 months to launch.

The amount of the investment depends on the size of the financing round. In general, we will invest CHF 3-10 millions in the first financing round with a 15% ownership stake but we do vary these when appropriate.

We are an evergreen fund and have reserves if and when follow-on financing rounds are needed.

What drives our investments?