Collaborating with patients in a sustainable way

Integrity and transparency determine our interactions with patients and patient groups

Roche is convinced that an open dialogue and transparent exchange of information with patient and patient groups is vital.

Roche sees an enormous value in collaborating with patients and patient groups, since Roche can build on their unique experience, expertise and perspectives. In particular, the collaboration with patients and patient groups enables us to understand how best we can incorporate the patient perspective while developing our medicines and diagnostics. We are increasingly partnering with patients and patient groups across therapeutic areas, from clinical trial design and endpoints, drug development to market access.

Roche applies high ethical standards in all collaborations with patient and patient groups as reflected in the Roche Directive. Key principles are integrity, independence, respect, equity, transparency and mutual benefit. In the Directive, patients are defined broadly to include patient organisations, patient groups, patient associations, patient advocacy groups, patient communities, patient experts, online patient communities, family members, caregivers and individual patients. The Directive applies to all Roche companies and all third parties, e.g. agencies, which are working on behalf of Roche.

For transparency reasons, Roche discloses the names of patient groups that have received funding or significant non-monetary support from Roche, as well as those patient groups that Roche has engaged to provide significant contracted services.

Patient organisations supported by Roche

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Roche launched the ForPatients Platform, a global website that addresses the need for clinical trial layperson summaries, Roche clinical trial information and disease awareness.

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