Stakeholder engagement


Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to build trust and understanding of the challenges. By truly embedding it into our daily business we are able to jointly develop solutions. Without this interaction, our business would not be possible.

We interact with our stakeholders through a variety of communication channels, such as through corporate websites, annual reports and other publications. In addition, we participate in more formal and structured engagement, such as meetings, forums and other events, and carry out consultations and surveys. For example, by engaging with customers we can use their input to help us understand how to serve patients, their caretakers and physicians best. And this, in turn, is key for us to remain commercially successful.

We have established Group wide guidelines and policies to govern our interactions with key stakeholder groups. Recently, Group Communications has introduced a systematic process to capture stakeholder concerns at the local level and re-channel them to the global list of strategic communication priorities, endorsed by our Corporate Executive Committee as well as our Corporate Sustainability Committee. This helps us  incorporate stakeholder interests into our strategic plans as well as focus our communication on topics of most relevance to our stakeholders.

Over the past years, both transparency about relations between companies and a variety of stakeholders has become a topic of increasing interest, as has the amount of information available to those who are interested. We have taken numerous steps towards becoming more transparent, such as an updated policy on clinical trial data, transparency about our relationships to patient groups and making more information accessible about relationships to physicians.

Our views and positions on specific issues are publicly available in our download center. Please refer to our Corporate Principles for further information on our commitment to stakeholder engagement.