Taking a stand against cancer

At Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) Oncology we discover the future in cancer care.

For decades, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were the mainstay of cancer treatment. However, as our understanding of cancer has grown, we have learnt how cancer comprises many different diseases each behaving in very different ways, and therefore requiring even greater variation in how we look to treat patients.

pRED Oncology focuses on discovering and developing step-change innovations in cancer immunotherapy and molecular targeted therapy for cancers where there are few treatment options, or where treatment choices simply don’t exist.

We are incredibly proud of the work our cancer research teams do, and we will be celebrating our commitment to this area by recognising(WCRD) on 24 September, when across pRED Oncology we will all be “Taking a Stand against Cancer”.

Learn more about this important area of Roche’s early research and development, from those that work in it every day, discovering and developing breakthrough medicines that one day may have the potential to transform lives.

Changes in cancer therapy
Targeting tumour weaknesses
Taking a stand against cancer
Discovering and developing personalised treatment approaches to beat cancer

At pRED oncology we have two strategic focus areas – cancer immunotherapy and molecular targeted therapy. With over a decade of experience developing cancer immunotherapies, we have a deep understanding of the biology of the immune system, how it interacts with a tumour, and how it might be deployed to use the patient’s own immune system to combat their cancer. We are also performing ground breaking research into the understanding of tumours at a molecular level. Molecular targeted agents have recently emerged as a new class of agents that target cancer cells directly. Molecular targeted therapy is the next frontier for medicines that may increase responses in cancer patients that do not benefit from cancer immunotherapy.

Having a clear focus means we can fully leverage the rapid expansion in our understanding of cancer biology which increasingly enables us to develop personalised treatment approaches. Our goal being to prioritise our best scientific discoveries, and then bring these innovations from the lab to the clinic as quickly, effectively and safely as possible, so patients can benefit from transformative medicines when they need them.

We are not just looking for incremental improvements, but are dedicated to discovering and developing game-changing innovation for cancer patients. It is through our collaboration with internal and external partners that we create this unique environment combining the freedom and spirit of research in academia with industry-leading capabilities.

Should you want to know more about what we do and be interested in joining our team please.

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