Uncovering stories of progression from the MS community

Every person living with multiple sclerosis (MS) has their own story to tell.

MS is a progressive condition from the start, and this progression can manifest itself in many different ways. For some people, the symptoms associated with MS can be easier to identify as the disease progresses. However, for many people, these symptoms – and the progression of the disease – may appear invisible. The impact of these symptoms on quality of life can all too often be unseen by others.

To champion those affected by MS, we highlight the stories of some of the community and hear them express what they want others to know about the often invisible symptoms of the MS, as well as their journey to managing them.

It’s an important reminder that while you may not be able to see the symptoms that someone with MS is experiencing, they’re there – and every person is living their journey in their own way.

By starting a conversation, you can help to raise awareness of the hidden impact of MS and support people in better recognising the disease, as well as understanding how they can be providing the best support in helping those impacted by MS live their life to the fullest.

Share your story of your invisible MS symptoms on social media using #MyInvisibleMS to get the conversation started.

Delaying disease progression in multiple sclerosis

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