Taiwan: Exploring application of personalised data
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Today, progress in science, data and technology is driving more tailored approaches to cancer treatment.

Local governments and healthcare systems around the world are asking the same question: how can we ensure we are prepared to shift from traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions to a system that can deliver more personalised care for all?

Taiwan has listed personalisation of healthcare as a key priority, including exploring potential applications of data to help tailor treatment to individual patients for best outcomes. Strengthening collaborations between industry, government, academia and other healthcare stakeholders will be crucial to Taiwan’s healthcare system transformation.

In 2019, Roche partnered with Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes, committing to support the government’s creation of a clinico-genomic database of patient outcomes, to be used for follow-up analysis and to provide evidence supporting regulatory and reimbursement decisions.

Beyond this, the partnership agreement facilitates nationwide access to comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) and appropriate medicines based on detected mutations for cancer patients. It also supports increased use of real-world evidence to evaluate drugs’ safety and effectiveness, and for National Health Insurance reimbursement decision-making.

This partnership is an example of an emerging model of healthcare, focused on care tailored to the individual. It provides insights that could be implemented across other geographies, within Asia-Pacific and beyond, to enable more personalised approaches to healthcare.

“We are pleased to have a long term PHC-focused partnership with the Taiwan government and it is encouraging to see they have made 'personalised medicine' a government priority in order to benefit cancer patients, medical service providers, and the entire healthcare system. We are excited with the opportunities this creates to contribute to the research and further develop the local research-based biotechnology industry"
Girish Mulye
General Manager of Roche Taiwan
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