How medicines are made: manufacturing and production

Manufacturing at Roche is as complicated and rigorous as our scientific research. The highly skilled force behind the production process are dedicated to making sure patients receive life-saving medicines as fast as possible without compromising safety. Read more about the process and hear from our exceptional team of production manufacturing and development experts.

Our experimental lab is working around the clock because cells don’t sleep

They tinker with the processes and equipment, sometimes hundreds of times, before new techniques are used to make the medicines for patients in the “real” manufacturing facility.

Welcome to an experimental playground where our manufacturing experts and production wizards work to find ways to make medicines scalable, faster and safer for patients.

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The beauty of manufacturing

Biologics, like therapeutic antibodies, are a class of medicines produced in living cells. Manufacturing them is an incredibly complex process, and in addition to being technologically sophisticated, our manufacturing equipment is pretty cool to look at. Photographer David Vergne captures our sites in California and Oregan in with unconventional, but beautiful perspectives.

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